Langkawi Travel Bubble updates 9 December 2021

New updates

December 5, 2021

It's been over 2 weeks since the opening of Langkawi for international visitors. Currently Langkawi only accepts entry by air and to KLIA 1 ONLY. After a few teething issues and a steep learning curve for all sides, it looks like the process is now pretty smooth.

In order to enter you need a licensed travel agent to assist you. All qualified travel agents need to be registered with the Ministry of Tourism. You can check their validity at

We are attached to Mawar Holidays Sdn. Bhd., our partner (literally run by my life partner, wife, Mazlin) who have all then neccessary licenses to assist you.

This summary also takes into account the recent developments in border control in light of the Omicron variant. In summary, apart from those coming from 8 countries located in the southern part of Africa (or have been there in the past 14 days), Langkawi International Travel Bubble is open to everyone if you have the proper documentation in place.

This info sheet is an extension of the earlier updates we published. There are 2 versions of the same thing in the pdf file: pages 1-4 is for everyone, and pages 5-8 are for those who own boats in Langkawi.

If you would like our assistance send us a note at