Official launch 1 Oct 2021!


September 29, 2021

Hi everyone, we are so happy that our website is now up and running. The objective of the site is to create an centralised information portal for visiting Malaysia, especially for those who are coming to see us by sea!

What you see here to day is by no means the final version. In fact we rely on you to help us keep this site updated. So if you have any recommendations on anchorages, places to see, or even an article or blog that you feel will be helpful to everyone, please send us an email at

Sail Malaysia has been active since 2005! There is a lot of information stored in our storage banks that we want to put here in this website. So, keep looking out for updates because this site will be updated regularly. cannot be possible without the contribution of our partners and members. We thank you all and if you have any suggestions how to improve these pages, please let us know.

Enjoy reading.